Cactus Pitcher Set

Orange Cactus Pitcher

Ergonomically designed after midcentury nightstand pitcher sets. They're comfortable to hold and pour from.

Pink Cactus Pitcher

The flower accents come in 3 color options and act as a comfortable handle.

Yellow Cactus Pitcher

These are sold in sets and as individual pieces.

Orange Cactus Cups

The cups are designed to fit atop the pitchers. When assembled together they create a sculpture of a cactus.

Pink Cactus Cups

The flowers act as a comfortable handle for the cups as well. Great for a no slip grip!

Yellow Cactus Cups

Stack them, carry them to porch, and enjoy a refreshing drink!

Geo Pitcher Set

Geo Pitcher

The pitcher is a great size for serving several people and easy to pour from with a comfortable handle.

Geo Set

These identical silhouettes are modern to hold.

Geo Cup

The perfect stemless wine glass.

Versatile Bottle




Buy via Etsy and your bottle comes with a pourer spout. It's then an oil pourer!

Use for flowers, olive oil, simple syrup, or dry goods. A great stylish addition to your kitchen.

These colors make for a pop of color in a useful kitchen accessory. Keep it on the counter as decoration!

"Breath" Budvase

Mint Budvase

This budvase sits about 4" tall is a perfect accent to display of flowers.

Opal Blue Budvase

A great calming home accent.

The Reusable Straw



Clear & Pink

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