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Kim received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2013 with a concentration in glass and photography. During her time at Mass Art she began to incorporate both mediums to create sculptures that inform her photographs. She began teaching glassblowing her senior year after a semester long production internship at Almost Perfect Glass in North Cambridge.

Since her undergraduate studies she has worked in many studios assisting others, teaching, and creating her own work. She spent 3 of those years working for the Corning Museum of Glass, Blow Glass At Sea Program doing Hot Glass Show demonstrations for Celebrity Cruise line guests. When she returned home from that position she focused her energy on helping Pairpoint Glass Company open a glassblowing school. Teaching people about glass is a passion of hers that flows through her daily work. Now exclusively working for herself she is continuously building her production portfolio and collections of glass work.

While creating her own body of work, Kim focuses on combining light, form, nature, and modern design to create pieces that are usually functional. All pieces stay close to her aesthetic by keeping a light feminine color palette and being sure that each piece can work in a group or stand alone. 

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